Find meaning in your dreams

Track your dreams, share them with a supportive community, and experience meaning and insight.

This is the Non Ordinary Reality Database (N.O.R.D.), the place online to share and find meaning for all your dreams and dream-like experience.

Remember your dreams, be part of a community, find meaning.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

– C.G. Jung

Powerful Journal

Keep a NORD journal for dreams, meditations, or any experience meaningful to you. NORD provides advanced searching, custom filters, and quantitative analysis to help you gain insights from your journal practice.

Social Groups

Join or create a social group to connect with others and deepen your practice. NORD makes it easy to share specific entries from your journal with your group for discussion. Gain insight about your group’s experiences through the group’s insight dashboard.

Citizen Science

NORD is a platform for citizen science of the collective unconscious, think of it like Google Trends or Wikipedia for dreams and other psychological experiences. Search our ever growing database and to see trends and comparisons.


To advance the quantitative science of the collective unconscious and the unseen by collecting and analyzing first person narrative accounts of non-ordinary reality experiences, such as dreams or meditations, then making them accessible through open data APIs and friendly citizen science tools.

You can find meaning in your dreams today

NORD’s vision is to provide free online journals, social spaces, and citizen science tools for the exploration and sharing of non ordinary reality experience.  

NORD’s mission is to build an online community as an Open Data Commons and principles of individual data rights and freedom.  

NORD believes that we each may experience growth, healing, and connection by sharing our experiences of non-ordinary reality experience.

As the NORD community, we advance the Science of the Collective Unconscious so that we all experience greater acceptance, understanding, creativity, healing, and peace.