The Non Ordinary Reality Database

NORD collects, analyzes, and indexes first person reports of non-ordinary experiences such as dreams, meditation, visions, shamanism, paranormal phenomena, and ET contact.

We each are scientists and authors of our unfolding narrative.  NORD is a collection of hundreds of thousands of stories that transcend the subject/object dualism and communicate a realm of magic.

Therefore, NORD is offered as an Open Data Commons in the spirit of Citizen Science.

Who does NORD serve?

NORD serves people who want to observe and study non-ordinary experiences such as dreams and meditations, including such people as:

  • Citizen scientists by collecting, analyzing, and standardizing reports.  Imagine Google Trends for dreams.
  • Developers who want to use the report data and analysis in their applications through our API or want to use the classification models and knowledge base.
  • Researchers who want to collect, analzye, and index text reports of experience in their research.

The 2010-2020 Report

Work is underway to compile a report for the 2010-2020 decade.  The data will focus particularly on dreams, et contact, ufo sightings, paranormal experience, and other such reports of non-ordinary experience.  

Estimated 250,000 reports across 12 distinct types of experience.


NORD’s data comes from a variety of sources, primarily from public websites, social media archives, discussion forums, and academic databases.

All reports come from sources whose intent is solely to collect and share experience reports.  For example, NORD might collect reports from a discussion forum thread that invites experience reports as comments to the thread.  In contrast, NORD would not consider discussion about that dream a report.

NORD plans to expand the index by collecting discussion as well as reports in Q1 2020.


NORD analyzes the text of the report to produce standardized data fields for each report, such as title, body, author, date, location, category, and tags. 

NORD applies open-source natural language processing (NLP) analysis based around the Spacy library.

Each report is further analyzed into sentence and keywords, providing a searchable and filterable index specifically for report content.  Keywords are extracted using the RAKE algorithm and named entities are recognized by the Spacy library

Next steps in the analysis include:

  1. Classify text as experience report or discussion (expanding the scope of the web crawlers ~10x)
  2. Recognize the category of experience, e.g., dream or ET content
  3. Develop a knowledge base to recognize specific topics or entities, e.g., type of ET


Reports and analyses may be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • CSV or JSON datafiles
  • Search Index (web ui and json api based on elasticsearch)
  • Tableau Public dashboard
  • Open-source NLP models 
  • Open-source named entity knowledge base

Who is NORD?

NORD is founded by Daniel Rekshan, with the help of many wonderful people.  Daniel holds a MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a BA in Classical Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, and a certificate in the Spiritual Counselling Modality of Depth Hypnosis.  He has a decade of web and data engineering experience, including projects in data visualization, digital humanities, collective intelligence, and content management.

Daniel offers hypnosis services for people with extra-ordinary experiences like psychic, paranormal, and ET phenomena via Cosmic Dream Hypnosis.  He is an active plein air landscape painter and sells fine art via his Etsy shop.

Work with NORD

To work with NORD, please get in touch with Daniel.  The best way to to use the contact form below or else email