Find meaning in your dreams

Dreams are messages from your higher self, from the earth and from the source of creativity in your life.

They are messages sent with your highest good as their intent and they lead to insight, healing and transformation.

When we finding meaning in our dreams, we experience:


Dreams offer a path of exploration and expanding understanding of our higher selves, the earth, and the source of creativity in our lives.


Dreams lead us to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing because they are messages from the source of creativity in our lives that has only our highest good as its intent.


Dreams help us wake up to the reality of our own multi-dimensional beings that expands well beyond our ordinary waking mind because we are the source of creativity in our lives.

How can you find meaning in your dreams?

Remember and Record

By remembering and recording our dream, we deepen our relationship with the source of dreaming in our lives.

Use the world’s most advanced dream journal to record all your dreams and dream-like experience.

  • Advanced search helps you find any entry
  • Text analysis identifies people, places, and things
  • Content reports help you find patterns and gain insights

Advanced Dream Journal

Dream Symbol Dictionary

Interpret Dream Symbols

By exploring the symbols from our dreams, we invite our dreams into our waking life.

Use NORD’s Symbol Dictionary to start your journey of dream interpretation.

  • Content analysis reports compare dreams with symbols for deeper insight
  • Multiple interpretations from multiple sources

Compare with Other Dreams

By comparing dreams and dream-like experience, we build knowledge of our deeper selves and the collective unconscious.

Use scientifically based tools to study your own dreams and dream-like experiences.

  • Advanced search lets you find just what you’re looking for
  • Citizen Science tools empower you to conduct your own research
  • Scientifically based on content analysis of dreams
Automated Content Analysis
Discussion Groups

Join the Discussion

By sharing and discussing our dreams, we share our healing, insight, and transformation with those we care about.

Use friendly, and privacy-respecting, social features to connect with others about your dreams and dream-like experiences.

  • Privacy tools to share your experiences with just who you want
  • Social groups to explore topics together
  • On-line classes and workshops to learn more from practitioners


To advance the quantitative science of the collective unconscious and the unseen by collecting and analyzing first person narrative accounts of non-ordinary reality experiences, such as dreams or meditations, then making them accessible through open data APIs and friendly citizen science tools.

Find Meaning in Your Dreams

Experience insight, healing, and transformation by honoring your dreams as messages from your higher self, the earth, and the source of creativity.

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