About NORD

NORD stands for Non Ordinary Reality Database.  The term “non-ordinary reality” comes from psychology research into dreams, spirituality, and other deep realms of the mind.  It refers to any experience that is meaningful to you, but you might not talk about it in public because you think it might be a little weird.  Non-ordinary doesn’t mean these experience happen infrequently, rather that they’re not a part of your day to day life in public.

Experiences like dreams, visions, intuitions, psychedelic drug trips, shamanic journeys, paranormal visitations, and so on are hard to talk about, but they’re even harder to scientifically understand.  They’re extremely subjective and almost impossible to reproduce. Science has studied what happens in your brain, but this isn’t the full story. People’s lives change because of their actual experience and its content.

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist who explored the collective unconscious, developed the science of archetypes by noticing patterns in his clients dreams and folklore.  He used the stories people tell as scientific data. Imagine what we can discover in our stories using 21st century web technology.

Millions of people share their non-ordinary reality experiences online often for two reasons. First, we want to connect with people who have shared similar experiences. Second, we feel that the stories are meaningful, that they reveal new insights about our reality, and that there’s value in saving them for future study. NORD offers online journaling, social groups, and quantitative analysis to help you share and study your experiences.

NORD is a labor of love by people who believe in dreams.  We value experience over money, individuals over corporations, and the deep meaning of non-ordinary reality experience.  We believe in the power of citizen science and open data commons to deep the science of the collective unconscious.


NORD’s team includes Daniel Rekshan and Seyta Selter who met in during graduate school in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Daniel Rekshan

Daniel Rekshan has been working on NORD for nearly a decade through study, personal dream practice, and developing the NORD systems.  He has a B.A. from St. John’s College, focusing on Philosophy, the History of Math and Science, and Classics.  He has a M.A. in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  He also holds a certification in the spiritual counseling modality of Depth Hypnosis.  He is a web developer, focusing on social web applications, data visualization and analytics, and full stack engineering for startups. He is an earth-based artist, making plein air landscape paintings and natural branch flutes.  He integrates creativity, dreams, and psychology in arts workshops and hypnotherapy/dreamwork sessions.

To learn more about Daniel, visit  www.danielrekshan.com.

Seyta Selter

Seyta is a life-long dreamer and pursuer of knowledge through inward means and spirit. She has a Masters degree in East-West Psychology, has been trained in many embodied dreamwork practices and hypnotherapy, and is adjunct faculty at the Evergreen State College in psychology and anthropology of dreams and consciousness studies. She is also a certified practitioner of the Ancestral Lineage Healing method created by Dr. Daniel Foor, and spends most of her time as Organization and Development Wizard for Ancestral Medicine. Her people come from the British Isles, Germany, Northern Europe, Poland and Ukraine (Jewish diaspora) and she lives in Olympia, WA, the ancestral lands of Lushootseed speaking Squaxin and Nisqually peoples.

To learn more about Seyta, visit www.innerlands.org.

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