Finding Meaning in Your Dreams

Daniel · February 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered what your dreams meant, wanted to deepen your dreaming practice, or lived your dreams? This course is for you, whether you’re just curious about your dreams or are a practiced dreamer.

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Affirmation tracks for all lessons  

These affirmation tracks invite you to relax and listen to affirmations that support your process in this course.  You will be invited to relax and listen to this track, to allow these affirmations to flow through you to inspire you to deepen your relationship with your dreams.

You can listen to these tracks whenever and wherever you like, you could listen to them out and about, or you can listen to them sitting or lying down in a safe and comfortable space.  In any way you listen to these tracks, you receive benefit from these tracks because they invite you to connect deeper and deeper with your dreaming self. 



Remembering and Recording Your Dreams


Personal Dream Interpretation


Tools for Interpretation


Living Your Dreams


Next Steps


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