Dreams involving 'Ascend' involve:
  • more fantastic beings such as angels, mosters, fairies, etc
  • more perceptions through vision
  • more references to christianity
  • more elements related to earth
  • more flying events
  • more signifiers of effort
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What is the meaning of 'Ascend' in dreams?

lines of dots

These indicate journeys and their probable length and direction; to be read in connection with other signs of movement; wavy lines mean tiresome journeys or difficulties likely to be encountered; if the lines ascend sharply to the brim of the cup, a journey to a hilly country will be taken.

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves, by Cicely Kent


To dream of a ladder being raised for you to ascend to some height, your energetic and nervy qualifications will raise you into prominence in business affairs. To ascend a ladder, means prosperity and unstinted happiness. To fall from one, denotes despondency and unsuccessful transactions to the tradesman, and blasted crops to the farmer. To see a broken ladder, betokens failure in every instance. To descend a ladder, is disappointment in business, and unrequited desires. To escape from captivity, or confinement, by means of a ladder, you will be successful, though many perilous paths may intervene. To grow dizzy as you ascend a ladder, denotes that you will not wear new honors serenely. You are likely to become haughty and domineering in your newly acquired position.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream you see steep and craggy mountains, presages difficulties in accomplishing your designs. If you ascend them and gain the top, you will be successful in whatever you undertake, become very rich, and arrive at great honors in the state. To a maid, they denote that she will marry a man who will become rich and powerful, and that her children will be people of consequence.

The Witches' Dream Book; and Fortune Teller by A. H. Noe


For a young woman to dream of crossing a mountain in company with her cousin and dead brother, who was smiling, denotes she will have a distinctive change in her life for the better, but there are warnings against allurements and deceitfulness of friends. If she becomes exhausted and refuses to go further, she will be slightly disappointed in not gaining quite so exalted a position as was hoped for by her. If you ascend a mountain in your dreams, and the way is pleasant and verdant, you will rise swiftly to wealth and prominence. If the mountain is rugged, and you fail to reach the top, you may expect reverses in your life, and should strive to overcome all weakness in your nature. To awaken when you are at a dangerous point in ascending, denotes that you will find affairs taking a flattering turn when they appear gloomy.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller