Dreams involving 'Comet' involve:
  • more perceptions through vision
  • more esthetic perceptions
  • more elements related to fire
  • more animals
  • more elements related to earth
  • more aggressive social interactions
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What is the meaning of 'Comet' in dreams?


To dream of this heavenly awe-inspiring object sailing through the skies, you will have trials of an unexpected nature to beset you, but by bravely combating these foes you will rise above the mediocre in life to heights of fame. For a young person, this dream portends bereavement and sorrow.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream you see one of these extraordinary ethereal substances, is ominous of war, plague, famine, and death; to the lover it forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes; to the farmer, failure of crops; and to the seaman, storms and shipwrecks. After such a dream change, if possible, your present place of residence.

The Witches' Dream Book; and Fortune Teller by A. H. Noe