Dreams involving 'Death' involve:
  • more death
  • more aggressive social interactions
  • more fantastic beings such as angels, mosters, fairies, etc
  • more emotions related to fear
  • more falling events
  • more perceptions through touch
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What is the meaning of 'Death' in dreams?


Dreaming of death can be surprising and unnerving.  You might be wondering if dreaming that you died is a warning.  You might be wondering if your dream of death is a bad omen and something bad will happen to you.  It’s okay, you can take a breath and relax, death can be a good omen just as often as a bad one. Dreaming of death doesn’t necessarily mean you or someone you know will die.

Dreaming of death symbolizes rebirth

Death is part of life.  All living things die, in fact, we need death to define our life.  Just as fall becomes winter, winter becomes spring, and all things are born again.  If you’ve dreamed of death, then consider what in your life needs to die in order for something new to be born.  There’s an aspect of ourselves that no longer serves us, which of these do you need to let go of? 

Death dreams as rites of passage

Major life transitions are like death.  The irresponsible young man must die in order for the responsible father to live.  We’ve all had the experience of finding something of ours from long ago, perhaps childhood, and perhaps through nostalgia, we grieve the death of our past selves.  When you dream of death, you may be invited to pass through a rite of passage.

Death to ego is the spiritual path

Many spiritual paths require a metaphoric death, where you die to ego.  Those on a shamanic path may experience dreams of dismemberment and death, where your egoic self is ripped apart.  As you continue your path, you may dream of being put back together or reborn in service to others. At some point, all paths of spiritual development turn outward in service of others and this moment feels like death to those selfish parts of ourselves.  

Dreaming as practice of death

Going to sleep is a little like dying.  There’s traditions of using dreams to practice for death.  A purpose of Tibetean dream yoga is to prepare you for dying, so that you’re empowered to be at choice in your next rebirth.  They say that entering the space and time between lives is like being in a dream. If you can wake up in your dreams, perhaps you can wake up in the afterlife and choose your own destiny.

Socrates and Plato believed that philosophy was preparation for death.  Before Socrates died, he related his own dream like experiences in what we know call the “socratic myths”.  He tells the story of how souls come and go from the realm of the living. Socrates was prepared to die because he worked with dreams and dream-like experiences.  He believed in their power and became confident in his experience in the face of death.

If you dream of death, you are invited to work with your dreams to prepare you for the ultimate moment.  If the idea of death terrifies you, it’s okay and natural. Your dreams might be inviting you to get comfortable with the notion of death. What would it feel like to no longer react in fear to the idea of death and, instead, embrace your entire experience, understanding that life and death are in some ways one?

Dreaming of death invites us to reconsider our thoughts about it

Death is something that we each have to come to terms with, no one else can help you relate with death in your life.  If you’ve relied on others to help come to terms with death, perhaps through either scientific or religious dogma, then you are invited to develop your own relationship with death.  

Maybe you think we go to heaven when we die like Christians say or maybe you think there’s a big nothing after death like the dogmatic Scientists say, you are invited to relate deeper with your own death.  Dreaming of death may be an invitation to reconsider your own death and your beliefs about it. How would it feel to live if with a deep conviction and faith in your beliefs about afterlife?

Dreams show us truths about death

Dreams help us experience what it might be like to die.  They can provide experiential truths about your life that you can use to make conclusions about death.  Most people have experienced a synchronicity through a dream that felt like magic. Maybe you had a dream predict the future. Maybe you dreamed about someone who dreamed about you.  Maybe you’ve had a dream that felt more real than waking life.

Dreams are a source of magic that break us out of our past limitations.  They can provide direct evidence of the mind or soul existence outside of the body.  If we can share dreams, if we can dream the future, if we can experience sources of creativity and knowledge that exist outside of our physical bodies, then something may exist that doesn’t suffer death.

If dreaming of death is a message for you to reconsider your relationship and beliefs about death, then you are invited to use your dreams as a way of exploration.  You can experience compelling evidence that your consciousness is not limited by your physical body. Practice recalling your dreams, then practice setting intention in your dream.  

Once you can hold intentions for your dreams and recall them afterwards, you are ready to explore the vast world of consciousness.  Your dreams are inviting you to consider that your consciousness has access to a realm outside of physical death. What would it feel like to know for yourself what will happen after you die?

How to tell if dreaming of death predicts the future?

If you’ve dreamed of death, you might be wondering if it is a warning about the future, maybe dreaming of death means that someone you love or even yourself will die.  You might think it’s silly to be open to the possibility that your dreams can tell the future, but there is some part of you that knows dreams are messages from your higher self, the earth, and the source of creativity in your life.  You know that dreams of death are a message and listening to them could have a very real impact on your life.

Dreams are messages and dreaming of death may actually predict a physical or metaphoric death.  Only you and your intuition can determine if you should believe your dream is a warning about the future.  You can practice using your intuition and working with your dreams so that you could tell right away how you’d like to respond to your dreams, especially those of death.

If you’re not sure that your dream of death predicts the future, you can always ask your dreaming source for more clarity.  Repeat your intention and before bed to have a dream that will provide clarity and guidance about your dream of death. Be prepared to record it in the morning and to work with it as the message that will solve your questions.  


Dreams about death are often intense.  Death dreams might be omens for literal or figurative death in your life.  Death in dreams may symbolize rites of passage, transformation, and rebirth.

What does dreaming of death mean to you?  Comment below with any questions, reflections, or your own interpretation.