Dreams involving 'Earthquake' involve:
  • more falling events
  • more elements related to earth
  • more perceptions through vision
  • more elements related to fire
  • more experiences of weather
  • more animals
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What is the meaning of 'Earthquake' in dreams?


Dreaming of an earthquake can be very unsettling and disturbing.  You may feel a sense of danger, as if your world is falling apart, or you may be wondering if your dream is a warning of an actual earthquake.  There are as many interpretations of this symbol as it appears in dreams.  

The meaning of earthquakes in dreams depends on the feelings you have about the dream, your personal associations of earthquakes, what is happening in your life, and what else happened in your dream.  To find out what dreaming of earthquakes means for you, just try on the different interpretations, perhaps inventing some yourself, and observe how your body and mind feel.

Dreams of earthquakes are world shaking

When you dream of an earthquake, you experience your world shaking.  Dreams are messages from your higher self, from the earth, and from the source of creativity in your life.  They offer insight, healing, and transformation because they are messages sent for your benefit. Keep in mind that even though your world is somehow shaking apart, this is in some way for your good.  Perhaps by following your personal interpretation of earthquakes, you can find yourself to be more stable and put together than expected or hoped for.

Dreaming of buildings falling apart

Where in your life is your world falling apart?  Dreaming of an earthquake might be your mind telling you that your world is out of control and falling apart in some way.  The foundations of your world are threatening to take down everything you have built. Where in your life do you feel out of control in a way that threatens to transform everything you have built?

Earthquake dreams may signify hidden tension

Earthquakes happen because of tension in the Earth’s tectonic plates.  They happen because one place is fully connected with another, which are moving in different directions.  Where in your life are you headed in opposite directions? Perhaps part of you wants to move, but another wants to stay where you are.  Being out of sync with your deeper motivations and values will inevitably build enough tension that your world falls apart.

Earthquakes reveal inner world of the Earth

Common imagery of the earthquakes involve cracks of the earth opening up, exposing hot lava, and consuming buildings and things that happen to be one edge of the cracks.  There’s a feeling that you can’t predict where the earth will open up and swallow you whole, and you’ll end up running like a cartoon character, with the crack chasing your heels.

Earthquakes are an omen of immediate and uncontrollable connections with the inner world of the earth.  How is your relationship with the earth? Do you feel the earth, perhaps like an angry mother, at your behavior toward her?  The earth talks to us through dreams. If you’re dreaming of earthquakes, you may be ignoring more subtle symbols that she is angry with your behavior.  

Earthquake dreams maybe a message from the earth herself.  She is letting you know she’s angry, but she’s also opening herself up to you.  There’s still a chance of repairing your heart’s relationship with the earth because she’s talking to you.  What would it feel like to open your heart to the earth and her messages, to change your behavior to honor her in the way you live?  Perhaps you’d then be connected to the raw power of the earth.

Do Earthquake dreams predict the future?

Earthquake dreams can sometimes predict the future.  Just like all dreams, dreaming of an earthquake may be a prediction of the future, but it may also be a metaphoric message, such as a warning that your relationship might end or you shift jobs.  If your dream has an obvious interpretation in your life, then your dream may not necessarily predict a future earthquake.

If, however, there’s no personal interpretation for the dreams, it may be a message about a future event.  Assuming that these precognitive dreams come from a source that has our highest good as their intent, we can understand these warning dreams as messages for our benefit in some way.  

There will likely be enough information within the dream, and your memory of it, to take meaningful action to relate in a more coherent way with the future event.  Perhaps there’s an unusual level of detail in your dream, perhaps there’s some particular action that’s meaningful to. Working with your dream will prepare you to meet the future event in the most beneficial way for you.

Earthquake dreams can be positive omens

Keep in mind that what is most beneficial for you, from the point of view of the source of dreams, is often not what we think would be good for us.  Maybe you have a predictive dream of an earthquake. You might be able to avoid it based on the information, but it might be most beneficial for you to have a world shaking experience.  Maybe you don’t avoid the earthquake, maybe you go through it and it’s terrifying, but you’ll meet someone in the hospital afterwards.

How do you tell if dreaming of an earthquake predicts the future?

The best way to identify if your dream of an earthquake predicts the future is by paying attention and following your intuition.  If you feel in your heart that this is a warning, then listen to it, just remember it may be a literal earthquake, a metaphoric earthquake, or both.  If your intuition isn’t clear and you’d like clarity, you can ask for another dream by repeating your intention to have another dream for clarity.


Dreaming of earthquakes invites you to consider how your world is falling apart.  They may be inviting you to a deeper relationship with the earth. Like all dreams, earthquake dreams might predict the future, either metaphorically or literally.

What does dreaming of an earthquake mean to you?  Comment below with your thoughts, questions, or interpretations.



To dream that a house is jarred or shook by an earthquake, an explosion, or anything that may occur outside, is a sign that the head of the family in that house will be sick. Jars of preserved fruit or jellies, seen in a dream, are good omens; if you dream you are presented with one or more of them, it shows you will be long lived and thrifty.

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine