Dreams involving 'Giant' involve:
  • more animals
  • more fantastic beings such as angels, mosters, fairies, etc
  • more elements related to water
  • more perceptions of all color
  • more perceptions of achromatic colors like white, gray, and black
  • more technology or related things
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What is the meaning of 'Giant' in dreams?


If a lady dreams of seeing a very large man, or giant, and if she is pleased with his appearance, it shows that her future husband will be a small fellow, or else a man of small intellect: if she is disgusted with the giant, it is a sign that she will marry such a man herself, or else a man of great mind. For married people to dream of giants shows a prospect of smart children.

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine


To dream of a giant appearing suddenly before you, denotes that there will be a great struggle between you and your opponents. If the giant succeeds in stopping your journey, you will be overcome by your enemy. If he runs from you, prosperity and good health will be yours.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller