Dreams involving 'Organ' involve:
  • more cognition involving planning
  • more perceptions of achromatic colors like white, gray, and black
  • more reading or writing
  • more perceptions of all color
  • more cognition involving speech
  • more perceptions through touch
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What is the meaning of 'Organ' in dreams?


To hear the pealing forth of an organ in grand anthems, signifies lasting friendships and well-grounded fortune. To see an organ in a church, denotes despairing separation of families, and death, perhaps, for some of them. If you dream of rendering harmonious music on an organ, you will be fortunate in the way to worldly comfort, and much social distinction will be given you. To hear doleful singing and organ accompaniment, denotes you are nearing a wearisome task, and probable loss of friends or position.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream of hearing the solemn and enchanting music of a church organ is a sad omen to young girls, as it foretells their early death: if a gentleman dreams this, it points to the death of some young girl in whom he takes an interest, and perhaps to his sweetheart, if he has one. To imagine you hear some lively tune on a street organ is also a bad omen, as it foretells that you will soon attend a funeral.

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine


To see an organist in your dreams, denotes a friend will cause you much inconvenience from hasty action. For a young woman to dream that she is an organist, foretells she will be so exacting in her love that she will be threatened with desertion.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


A large branch is a sign of much independence and of success in carrying out an undertaking; the larger it is the greater your success; a broken branch signifies an attempt to organise a project or new scheme which will end in failure.

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves, by Cicely Kent


To dream of drawing corks at a banquet, signifies that you will soon enter a state of prosperity, in which you will revel in happiness of the most select kind. To dream of medicine corks, denotes sickness and wasted energies. To dream of seeing a fishing cork resting on clear water, denotes success. If water is disturbed you will be annoyed by unprincipled persons. To dream that you are corking bottles, denotes a well organized business and system in your living. For a young woman to dream of drawing champagne corks, indicates she will have a gay and handsome lover who will lavish much attention and money on her. She should look well to her reputation and listen to the warning of parents after this dream.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller