Dreams involving 'Pump' involve:
  • more cognition involving speech
  • more animals
  • more perceptions of all color
  • more perceptions of achromatic colors like white, gray, and black
  • more transportation or vehicles
  • more perceptions through vision
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What is the meaning of 'Pump' in dreams?


To see a pump in a dream, denotes that energy and faithfulness to business will produce desired riches, good health also is usually betokened by this dream. To see a broken pump, signifies that the means of advancing in life will be absorbed by family cares. To the married and the unmarried, it intimates blasted energies. If you work a pump, your life will be filled with pleasure and profitable undertakings.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream of being on the water, is good, if the water be clear; but if muddy or troubled, the reverse. To see a wide expanse of water, over or on which you wish to get, but cannot, shows that you are about to embark in some undertaking without first securing the means of success. (See Bathing, Fountain, Pump, Pitcher, River, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Thirst, Washing and Well.)

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine


To dream that you are employed in a well, foretells that you will succumb to adversity through your misapplied energies. You will let strange elements direct your course. To fall into a well, signifies that overwhelming despair will possess you. For one to cave in, promises that enemies' schemes will overthrow your own. To see an empty well, denotes you will be robbed of fortune if you allow strangers to share your confidence. To see one with a pump in it, shows you will have opportunities to advance your prospects. To dream of an artesian well, foretells that your splendid resources will gain you admittance into the realms of knowledge and pleasure. To draw water from a well, denotes the fulfilment of ardent desires. If the water is impure, there will be unpleasantness.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller