Dreams involving 'Quarrel' involve:
  • more aggressive social interactions
  • more cognition involving speech
  • more emotions related to anger
  • more perceptions of chromatic colors like of the rainbow
  • more animals
  • more perceptions of all color
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What is the meaning of 'Quarrel' in dreams?


To dream of quarreling with a stranger, is a sign you will make a new friend or acquaintance; if you imagine that you quarrel with a friend, it shows that you will soon have a pleasant and agreeable time with him: lovers who dream of quarrels, will be apt to bill and coo harder than ever.

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine


Quarrels in dreams, portends unhappiness, and fierce altercations. To a young woman, it is the signal of fatal unpleasantries, and to a married woman it brings separation or continuous disagreements. To hear others quarreling, denotes unsatisfactory business and disappointing trade.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller