Dreams involving 'Tears' involve:
  • more cognition involving speech
  • more emotions related to fear
  • more perceptions through touch
  • more emotions
  • more cognition involving awareness
  • more emotions related to sadness
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What is the meaning of 'Tears' in dreams?


To dream of shedding tears of sympathy, is a sign that some one is in love with you; this applies to both sexes, but more particularly to girls who cry easy: if you imagine you cry from grief, some good fortune awaits you, and you will have riches in proportion to the tears shed: if you dream that you shed tears from vexation, it shows that you will experience a loss just in proportion to the tears, or that some one will injure your prospects by circulating a scandal.

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller by Felix Fontaine


This bird is a forewarning of evil and unrest in various quarters of the globe; it also means a powerful enemy, sometimes death; if it flies, tragedy, sorrow, and tears are predicted.

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves, by Cicely Kent