Dreams involving 'Teeth' involve:
  • more animals
  • more perceptions of achromatic colors like white, gray, and black
  • more perceptions of all color
  • more fantastic beings such as angels, mosters, fairies, etc
  • more cognition involving speech
  • more perceptions through touch
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What is the meaning of 'Teeth' in dreams?


Teeth in dreams have many different meanings depending on the dream, your feelings, and your personal interpretation.  One of the most common queries for dream interpretation involve teeth and some sort of their destruction. No one besides you can tell you what dreaming of your teeth falling out means.  Consider the symbolism of teeth, your personal associations, and your feelings associated with the dream. 

Teeth as symbols of personal power

Teeth are associated with our personal power and attraction, as presented, into the world.  They are symbols of animal power, for instance, through the act of “baring one’s teeth” as a sign of aggression.  They can be used as weapons in physical fights. Where in your life are you showing signs of aggression?  

Teeth as symbols of attraction and beauty

Teeth are a symbol of attraction.  The orthodontics and dentistry industries sell us treatments based on the commercial ideals of beauty.  We’re constantly sold images of straight and white teeth as a necessary element of beauty. Where in your life are you feeling issues with how you’re presenting in your life? 

Teeth as signals of authentic and fake happiness

Teeth are a symbol of happiness and its authentic presentation. For example, people will often request a smile to see your teeth in posed photos.  Perhaps you’re feeling pressure to be happy for others or for the sake of keeping up appearances. Where in your life are you being asked to feel different than you actually do?

Teeth as in-between our inside and outside

Teeth exist in a space between your inside and outside the world.  The mouth is where things from the outside, like food, enter our bodies and become part of us.  They are the tools we use to make the world digestible. Dreaming of teeth may invite you to consider your process of ingesting the world.  If you dream your teeth are falling out, then you might consider what in your life you find you’re having difficulty accepting. 

Teeth falling out

What does it mean to dream that your teeth fall out?  There are many different meanings to dreaming that your teeth are falling out, that they are rotten, or in some other way they are disrupted.  People often report having anxiety or recurring dreams about their teeth.

To discover what dreaming of teeth falling out means for you, explore the various things teeth may symbolize.  Perhaps teeth, to you, represent your personal power. To dream that your teeth are falling out might mean you’re losing your personal power.  Where in your life are you letting go of your personal power? Perhaps if you identify where you’re losing personal power and you change your behavior, then you may no longer have dreams where your teeth are falling out.

These dreams have a sense of being out of control.  There’s an element of feeling betrayed by your body, perhaps coupled with an inability to stop them falling out.  What would it feel like to take control of an issue you have with your body where you have previously felt out of control?  Perhaps you have an issue with addiction, eating too much, not exercising, or whatever. If your dream is inviting you to take control of your life, how would it feel to take just that first step of regaining your control?

You may want to ask yourself:

  • Where am I losing my personal power in the world?
  • How am I no longer able to show I am a powerful person in the world?
  • How am I judging myself according to ideals of beauty from the outside world?
  • Where am I having difficulty accepting people, situations, or energy from the outside world?
  • Where am I stopping myself from nourishing myself?
  • Where do I feel pressure to show up as happy?
  • Where do I feel out of control in my life or body?

Teeth dreams as warning

Like all dreams, recurring, anxiety, or scary dreams about teeth might be warnings of your physical health.  Dreams often warn about medical conditions because dreams are a way for our subconscious mind, which is deeply connected with our bodies, to communicate with us.  Teeth dreams may be your body’s way of encouraging you to heal or to get support for healing.

Dream dictionaries and common knowledge often suggest that teeth dreams are a warning of illness or death.  Scary or anxious teeth dreams are very unnerving and they have a feeling of danger to them.

An easy way to tell if your teeth dream is a medical warning is by trusting yourself and your intuition.  You might feel like not acknowledging that something is wrong, but there’s always a part of yourself that knows the truth and knows how to bring health, wholeness, and acceptance to your situation.  In fact, if your dreams about teeth are a warning about health, then it means that some part of your mind has already accepted the truth and knows a way to bring resolution.  

Why not trust that part of yourself who is wise enough to warn you and accept the truth of your intuition? Your body and unconscious mind, both of which have enough intelligence to identify a situation and warn your conscious mind, are wise enough to know how to bring healing and resolution to your situation.  

If you’re feeling this way, you’re invited to acknowledge the wisdom of your dreaming self and to ask it for guidance.  You can do this now simply by saying aloud, “dreaming self, I acknowledge your message and I will listen to you because I trust you have my good as your intent and you have the wisdom and intelligence to bring healing or resolution to my situation.  Tonight, I will remember my dreams and I invite dreams that will guide my actions towards the healing I need, in fact, I will take action tomorrow based on faith that tonight’s dream will be a message of guidance.” You can deepen your intention by remembering it right before going to bed.  

The most important thing to know about warning dreams is that they are inviting you to action.  Learning about the symbols and finding interpretations of your dreams is not enough. If you do not take action, you will continue to have recurring anxiety dreams.  You can start taking action now based on your intuition. If you don’t have a clear intuition now, then you can ask your dreams for guidance.  

You can take action even if you’re not 100% sure because you are in touch with your intuition and you can choose to have faith that your dreams will ultimately guide you to the healing, insight, or transformation you need.


Teeth in dreams can be seen as symbols of personal power or beauty as perceived by others.  Dreams of teeth falling out invite you to consider anxiety or loss of power in your life. Teeth also symbolize our power to relate with and ingest things in this world.

What interpretations of teeth in dreams speak to you?  Comment below with your thoughts or questions.



To dream of a dentist working on your teeth, denotes that you will have occasion to doubt the sincerity and honor of some person with whom you have dealings. To see him at work on a young woman's teeth, denotes that you will soon be shocked by a scandal in circles near you.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


An ordinary dream of teeth augurs an unpleasant contact with sickness, or disquieting people. If you dream that your teeth are loose, there will be failures and gloomy tidings. If the doctor pulls your tooth, you will have desperate illness, if not fatal; it will be lingering. To have them filled, you will recover lost valuables after much uneasiness. To clean or wash your teeth, foretells that some great struggle will be demanded of you in order to preserve your fortune. To dream that you are having a set of teeth made, denotes that severe crosses will fall upon you, and you will strive to throw them aside. If you lose your teeth, you will have burdens which will crush your pride and demolish your affairs. To dream that you have your teeth knocked out, denotes sudden misfortune. Either your business will suffer, or deaths or accidents will come close to you. To examine your teeth, warns you to be careful of your affairs, as enemies are lurking near you. If they appear decayed and snaggled, your business or health will suffer from intense strains. To dream of spitting out teeth, portends personal sickness, or sickness in your immediate family. Imperfect teeth is one of the worst dreams. It is full of mishaps for the dreamer. A loss of estates, failure of persons to carry out their plans and desires, bad health, depressed conditions of the nervous system for even healthy persons. For one tooth to fall out, foretells disagreeable news; if two, it denotes unhappy states that the dreamer will be plunged into from no carelessness on his part. If three fall out, sickness and accidents of a very serious nature will follow. Seeing all the teeth drop out, death and famine usually will prevail. If the teeth are decayed and you pull them out, the same, only yourself, is prominent in the case. To dream of tartar or any deposit falling off of the teeth and leaving them sound and white, is a sign of temporary indisposition, which will pass, leaving you wiser in regard to conduct, and you will find enjoyment in the discharge of duty. To admire your teeth for their whiteness and beauty, foretells that pleasant occupations and much happiness will be experienced through the fulfilment of wishes. To dream that you pull one of your teeth and lose it, and feeling within your mouth with your tongue for the cavity, and failing to find any, and have a doctor for the same, but to no effect, leaving the whole affair enveloped in mystery, denotes that you are about to enter into some engagement which does not exactly please you, and which you decide to ignore, but will later take it up and secretly prosecute it to your own disquieting satisfaction and under the suspicion of friends. To dream that a dentist cleans your teeth perfectly, and the next morning you find them rusty, foretells you will believe your interest secure concerning some person or position, but you will find that they have succumbed to the blandishments of an artful man or woman.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream you lose a tooth, denotes the loss of some friend by death, and that troubles and misfortunes are about to attend you. To dream you cut new teeth, denotes the birth of a child, who will make a great figure in the world.

The Witches' Dream Book; and Fortune Teller by A. H. Noe


To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you. If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement. If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies. To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition. To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably regarded by women. To see young lions, denotes new enterprises, which will bring success if properly attended. For a young woman to dream of young lions, denotes new and fascinating lovers. For a woman to dream that she sees Daniel in the lions' den, signifies that by her intellectual qualifications and personal magnetism she will win fortune and lovers to her highest desire. To hear the roar of a lion, signifies unexpected advancement and preferment with women. To see a lion's head over you, showing his teeth by snarls, you are threatened with defeat in your upward rise to power. To see a lion's skin, denotes a rise to fortune and happiness. To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties. To dream you are defending your children from a lion with a pen-knife, foretells enemies will threaten to overpower you, and will well nigh succeed if you allow any artfulness to persuade you for a moment from duty and business obligations.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller


To dream of a vicious dog, denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. To dream that a dog fondles you, indicates great gain and constant friends. To dream of owning a dog with fine qualities, denotes that you will be possessed of solid wealth. To dream that a blood-hound is tracking you, you are likely to fall into some temptation, in which there is much danger of your downfall. To dream of small dogs, indicates that your thoughts and chief pleasures are of a frivolous order. To dream of dogs biting you, foretells for you a quarrelsome companion either in marriage or business. Lean, filthy dogs, indicate failure in business, also sickness among children. To dream of a dog-show, is indicative of many and varied favors from fortune. To hear the barking of dogs, foretells news of a depressing nature. Difficulties are more than likely to follow. To see dogs on the chase of foxes, and other large game, denotes an unusual briskness in all affairs. To see fancy pet dogs, signifies a love of show, and that the owner is selfish and narrow. For a young woman, this dream foretells a fop for a sweetheart. To feel much fright upon seeing a large mastiff, denotes that you will experience inconvenience because of efforts to rise above mediocrity. If a woman dreams this, she will marry a wise and humane man. To hear the growling and snarling of dogs, indicates that you are at the mercy of designing people, and you will be afflicted with unpleasant home surroundings. To hear the lonely baying of a dog, foretells a death or a long separation from friends. To hear dogs growling and fighting, portends that you will be overcome by your enemies, and your life will be filled with depression. To see dogs and cats seemingly on friendly terms, and suddenly turning on each other, showing their teeth and a general fight ensuing, you will meet with disaster in love and worldly pursuits, unless you succeed in quelling the row. If you dream of a friendly white dog approaching you, it portends for you a victorious engagement whether in business or love. For a woman, this is an omen of an early marriage. To dream of a many-headed dog, you are trying to maintain too many branches of business at one time. Success always comes with concentration of energies. A man who wishes to succeed in anything should be warned by this dream. To dream of a mad dog, your most strenuous efforts will not bring desired results, and fatal disease may be clutching at your vitals. If a mad dog succeeds in biting you, it is a sign that you or some loved one is on the verge of insanity, and a deplorable tragedy may occur. To dream of traveling alone, with a dog following you, foretells stanch friends and successful undertakings. To dream of dogs swimming, indicates for you an easy stretch to happiness and fortune. To dream that a dog kills a cat in your presence, is significant of profitable dealings and some unexpected pleasure. For a dog to kill a snake in your presence, is an omen of good luck

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller