Dreams involving 'Tornado' involve:
  • more experiences of weather
  • more elements related to air
  • more references to christianity
  • more perceptions through vision
  • more perceptions through hearing
  • more fantastic beings such as angels, mosters, fairies, etc
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What is the meaning of 'Tornado' in dreams?


Dreaming of a tornado may feel scary and world shaking.  If you’ve dreamed of tornado, you might be wondering if it means a tornado will happen in your life, either figuratively or literally.  Dreaming of a tornado doesn’t necessarily mean that a tornado will happen. In any case, dreams are messages from our higher self for our benefit, so even if you’re a little shaken by your tornado dream, it ultimately will lead to deeper insight, healing, and transformation in your life.

Natural disaster dreams

Tornado dreams are natural disaster dreams.  When you’re in a tornado, you’re in a world shaking event that might destroy everything you’ve built, your home, or even your life.  Something is happening that is so vast and powerful that you may lose your own life. If you’ve dreamed of a tornado, you’re invited to consider where in your life you might lose everything? Consider if there’s a sense of danger or out of controlled destruction in your life.  Imagine what it’d feel like to be free of that danger, what would your life look like?

Dreaming of tornadoes might invite you to consider where elements of destruction are present in your life.  Tornados happen because of the perfect combination of warm and humid air with cool and dry air. When the proper combination of air comes together, the tornado is born and destruction can ensue.

If you’ve dreamed of a tornado and you’re not experiencing figurative or literal disaster, then you might be invited to consider where in your life the perfect conditions for destruction are arising.  Are there aspects of your emotion, social, or inner life that are opposite each other and headed towards collision? Your tornado dream might be a warning that if these parts of you continue unchecked, that you experience a world shaking disaster.

Tornado dreams as omens are never good or bad

If you’ve dreamed of a tornado, you might be afraid that it’s a bad omen in your life.  Maybe you feel in danger of a world shaking event. Just like every negative or dangerous omens, tornado dreams signify change.  Disaster and death are powerful experiences, but they might not be the end. In fact, the fact that you woke up from this tornado dream might inspire you to feel confidence that the end of the dream of this life is not the end.  Perhaps there’s an experience that feels more real than this life, just as waking feels more real than dreaming?

If you feel that your tornado dream is a negative omen or a warning of danger, then you’re invited to take reasonable action on its guidance.  If this dream feels more figurative and metaphorical than literal, then you may want to find sources of tension in your life and seek to minimize the path of destruction behind you. If your dream feels more like a literal warning, then you may want to prepare for a tornado, perhaps by storing food and water in the cellar and communicating emergency plans with your family.

Tornado dreams may symbolize paths of destruction

Tornados leave a path of destruction behind them.  As they pass over the land, tornados will destroy houses everything.  Their path of destruction looks like dragging an eraser over the drawing of the earth.  When you dream of a tornado, you’re invited to consider paths of destruction in your life.  Are you leaving behind you a path of destruction? Your tornado dream might be asking you to take a moment and look at the impact of your decisions and actions in your life.

Tornado dreams are messages from the earth

Dreams are messages from the earth.  If you’ve dreamed of a tornado, you might be invited to consider your relationship with the earth.  Those in the common culture of consumerism might look like a tornado to the earth. We leave paths of destruction, in the form of fossil fuels, empty consumption, single use plastics, and so on.  Imagine what the earth feels, perhaps it’s a little like you have felt in your tornado dream. You are invited to have compassion and even empathy for the earth, and perhaps to honor the earth with your actions.

Tornado dreams mean things are shaking up in your life

Tornados shake things up.  Tornados might pick up a person, car, cow, or even house and throw them where they don’t belong. It calls the mind the opening scene of the Wizard of Oz, when the tornado takes the farmhouse to Oz.  If you dream of a tornado, your life may be shaking up. Imagine what it might feel like to be okay with the shake up, know that new things and adventures can arise. Where in your life do you need to shake things up?

Tornado dreams invite you to find shelter within yourself

Tornados may inspire a sense of violation or invasion where you feel out of control.  They are outside events that come into our lives, cause destruction, and can fling you or your things way out of place.  Where in your life are you stolen away from your center? Has someone or thing come into your life and has distracted you from your path and growth?  

Imagine how it would feel to stay centered within yourself, perhaps safe as if you’re in a cellar.  If your tornado dream symbolizes being pulled away from your place, then you’re being invited to hunker down and find shelter.  You can do this now, knowing that all events in your life and dreams can make you suffer only insofar as you let it. You can find peace and shelter within yourself and weather out this storm.  You might feel pain, it might be violent outside, but it is your choice to stay out in it and suffer. You can always find shelter in your higher self, in the earth, and in the source of creativity in your life.  When you dream of a tornado like this, you are invited to have faith in yourself and in the insight, transformation, and healing that dreams bring.

Do tornado dreams predict the future?

Sometimes, tornado dreams can predict the future.  Just like all dreams, they are messages from our higher self, the earth, and the source of creativity in our life.  Tornado dreams might predict literal or figurative paths of destruction.

Dreams are sent for our benefit to inspire insight, healing, and transformation.  Trust your intuition and take reasonable actions on it. If you’ve dreamed of a tornado and feel it predicts the future, why not take reasonable action and prepare?

Tornado dreams might communicate with us on a figurative and literal level.  A tornado dream does predict the future if you leave a path of emotional, physical, or spiritual destruction in your path.  If your tornado dream does warn of a future event, then it will provide enough details or insight to guide you for your benefit in the future and help you avoid harm.  Record your dream and pay attention to the details. If you have had a predictive dream, you’re invited to have faith in the benevolence of your dreaming source and follow it guidance.


Dreaming of a tornado, like all disaster dreams, might predict literal or figurative disaster.  Tornadoes are associated with paths of destruction. They also represent chaotic and out of control nature power that can displace you from your current path.

What does dreaming of tornadoes mean to you?  Have a tornado dream you’d like interpreted? Comment below with your memories, dreams, and reflections.