What is the distinction between a journal entry and a discussion thread?

The journal entries are your own personal journal, which you can choose to keep private at the bottom of each entry. A discussion thread is more about conversation and discussion with a group of people.  Technically, your journal is a blog (which can be private) and a discussion thread is part of a forum.

You are in total control of your journal and its entries.  You can choose to make entries private or share them with a group.  Discussion threads are part of group conversation and are moderated by group leaders.

Journal entries are central to NORD search and analysis journals.  When you create a journal entry, NORD will automatically analysis your entry based on the words used.  NORD produces “content tags” like people, places, and organizations that helps you find entries or get a sense of your journal as a whole.  NORD produces quantitative analysis, like the number of words related to perception, emotion, family, nature, and so on to help you gain insight from your journal.


Are the journal entries private?

You can always make a journal entry private.  Journal entries that are private do not produce newsfeed activity items, they are not visible in NORD search results, and no one can see the journal entry page.  To make an entry private, just select “private” in the Privacy box next to the save button. Entries that are private are labeled with “private” in the top right corner of the journal entry card in search results and on the journal entry’s page.

You can share private entries with groups you are in.  This will produce a newsfeed activity item in that group, add the entry to the group’s Journal Entries page, and allow other members of the group to read the entry.

Private entries are visible to site super-admins (Daniel and Seyta) in some cases, although we are committed to integrity and confidentiality.  These cases would involve troubleshooting technical issues.  Admin’s normal user accounts do not have access to private entries and NORD’s normal development and QA process does not use user data.


Can I share an entry? For example, I often check in with my practitioner and it would be ideal to write an entry then share it with her.

You can share an entry with a user you are following. To do this, you’d create or edit an entry, then select the username you’d like to share with under the “Share with User” box. This will send the user a private message to let them know you’ve shared the entry. If you share a private entry with a user, that user will be able to view the private entry.

To follow a user, navigate to their profile page and click the “Follow” button near their profile pictures.

You can also share your entries with groups you are in.  To do this, you’d create or edit an entry, then select the group you’d like to share with under the “Share with Groups” box.  This will create an activity item in the group’s newsfeed and add the entry to the group’s Journal Entries page.  Private entries that are shared with a group will be visible to group members, but no one else.


How long will I be able to access my journal? I joined NORD through as a beta tester or online group member.

You will be able to access your journal for as long as NORD is online, which we hope is a long time.  NORD is committed to offering free personal journals and citizen science tools to help you record and share and gain insight from your experiences.


Can I download my journal to my computer?

You will be able to very soon.  NORD is committted to personal data rights, which means we want you to have full control over your data.  You will be able to export your journal in CSV, JSON, and other formats.  In the mean time, if you may request an export of your journal by contacting us.


I’m part of the Ancestral Medicine course and it says I already have an account, but I don’t have a password, what should I do?

NORD integrates with Ancestral Medicine so that when you’re logged into the AncestralMedicine.org, a NORD account is automatically created.  When you follow the link from the Ancestral Medicine course to NORD, we can tell you’re part of the class and will automatically add you to the NORD group.

Some users have had issues with this feature.  It doesn’t seem to work with Safari on iPhone or iPad.  We also had an issue with users who were logged into AncestralMedicine.org when we set up the integration, which we resolved.

To access your NORD account, you can do either of two things:

  1. Reset your password using the “Lost your password?” link on the login form, then log in.
  2. Log in to AncestralMedicine.org, then visit NORD in the same browser window.  This method does not seem to work on mobile Safari.

When you’re logged in, you can change your password on you account settings page, which you can access through the Settings menu item under your username in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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