I’m my Grandparents house.  I’m upstairs, where we used to stay.  I’m telling Elena that this too is an ancestral house, that it’s like Jim and Renee’s for me.  I can’t believe I forgot to tell here about it.

Grandma Dorman is there with us.  There’s a sense of warmth and love and approval.  Like she was checking in on us and liked what she saw.  It felt really nice to remember her and be with her.

Elena, Alex, and I are in the van now.  We’re driving to Renee’s.  It’s so snowy.  We’re talking about shipping things south.  We’re now at Renee’s, in the old room upstairs.  I’m cleaning up the floor, there’s a lot of old stuff, like when you move and there’s just the hidden trash left.  I think I am missing a bag, Elena checks our mail tracking and says its already down south.

We go downstairs.  Audrey is on the couch, cuddling with a partner.  Renee is sitting in a chair.  A large TV blocks my way to the bathroom.  I move it and see an advertisement for a cloud service provider, it asks why anyone would want to deal with their own data centers or servers.

I walk through the passage to the bathroom.  I’m in the south.  We’re walking together.  Alex runs off to play soccer.  Elena and I go by a pool.  There’s many people from my past there, sort of milling about and talking. A woman comes up and kisses me on my face, then lips, it feels weird and I realize I’m dreaming and I wake up to Elena kissing me.