In which I am a water weasel.

At a science lab in middle school. I can’t remember what we’re making, but I’m lab partners with Allison Janney. She’s very talented. She’s going to be a great doctor someday. For now we’re working together.  She’s commiserating with me about contact lenses, which I know I have to get. My eyes are so bad.

I was kind of having a conversation with someone on a beach and they were sort of testing me for the genuineness of my beliefs about magic.  I answer the questions as straightforwardly as I can. I guess I pass the test. Before I know it I’ve been transformed into something. I don’t even know what. But two birds are furiously pursuing me. so I quickly plunge into the water where they can’t and I can breathe water suddenly.  I decide I’ve become, oh gosh I don’t know the name, sort of like tunny, tungsten, some kind of water weasel. I’m very fast in the water, and my teeth is they pop into my head, as I transform, play a little tune…!