Lord of the Vans

I buy another van, its more like a motor home.  I fall in love with it and it costs about $8,000, so I buy it right away, even before I test it.  I drive it back to the place I’m staying.  I’m start rearranging things between my vans.  There’s another one too, I kept getting into the third van, then feeling disappointed because it’s not tall, its just a bigger version of my Astro, its more like a Transit.  Then Aragon from Lord of the Rings comes near by, he says that me and him and the group of people there need to go, like there’s a quest or mission.  I say, let’s take my new van, its big and it can go invisible.  But he says, no, let’s take my new van and he shows off its features.  Its a big blue van, like an Express, but it has a barrier between the driver and passengers, like a taxi.

Next thing I know, I’m climbing up a big hill with a friend.  We’re stopped at a flat part and Gollum is there.  He’s smashing a rock on a picture of a head, it has an eye drawn on it.  He’s doing that to wake us up.  At first, I think it’s my friend he’s smashing, but its actually just a rock on a drawing, and I realize Gollum wants to help.  I continue the journey.