Remedial sibling conversations at the pool.

By the pool at 61 Colonial, up higher on the hill because they’re building a new pool, shaped like a chameleon looking down at the old pool. I’m talking to Natalya Yudkovsky.  We’re talking about being moms. Somehow she hurts her finger, or burns it or she gets a blister, and we recognize that putting some cool water on it would help. I go to the cold end of the pool, the end in shadow  – it’s not as cold as I remember – and bring some water to put on her finger. I do this a few times.

Then I’m talking to Lizzy. We’re looking at the old pool, and she is remembering how she used to torture me by holding me down under the water.. I told her how terrible that was, and she feels horribly guilty.

I’m talking to Alysia and we’re going through a huge pile of stuff.  It’s her stuff, I don’t recognize any of it, but I recognize it’s important to her.

There’s a moment earlier where I ask Mom if we can go to the pool and she says yes

I have “Flirting With Her” playing in my head when I wake up.