The sophisticated blouse.

It’s a scene where I’m at college and I have really messy roommates. Someone’s left their tights hung all over the bathroom, tons and tons and tons of them (Ariel H.?). The toilets are not clean.

In the second dream there’s something about trees at their feet. Am I trying to kill them? There’s three kinds of trees, with magical kinds of fruits possibly.

And then in the final dream I’m trying to get to school, from 61 Colonial. For some reason Faith has agreed to drive me. We have all kinds of issues. I’m not ready when she comes.  I’m doing something else I guess. So I’m desperately trying to grab some clothes, for my chores, ,maybe some jeans. And then I’m looking for something to wear on top, anything. There’s a really nice silk blouse with kind of a crazy graphic pattern on it turquoise and shades of brown. It’s really sophisticated. I think I’ll try that. Meanwhile Faith is getting more and more anxious and I’m feeling bad about that. We’re going to have to take a different route than the bus usually does and the people who are going to carpool with us will be really wondering where we are.