The Troublesome Beach Cottage

Lizzy and I have inherited this beach cottage on Long Island. It sounds like a great thing, but it’s actually kind of a pain. At first I think that will just go vacation there oh, but it’s complicated. First of all, there’s this other family living there, possibly unlawfully. From the outside it’s a pretty nice looking beach cottage, white with black shutters, and some nice wild flowers planted around. husband and I go inside to look. it’s rather gloomy inside, and neglected.

A garter snake wriggles across the room and Papa picks it up. And he puts it back down again instead of putting it outside. There’s also a cat there, so does a light Tawny colored old cat, rather neglected. His fur is matted in places, there are scabs, probably ticks. I let it go out the door for a minute and it sits on the front lawn. I see a cloud of gnats rising up, I think from its fur, but it’s actually from a hole in the ground.

Also outside of the house it was a man I was talking to”, who may have been dressed in an old army uniform. We were talking about the people in the house. one of my relatives wives is named mads. The guy says,”Oh, my name is Mads too. It’s my belief that he’s a ghost, but the conversation is very friendly, as if we’re just  enjoying working out our connection.

There are a ton of legal documents to get through. Siblings arrived, husband’s arrived, we all try to figure it out.