Witches in trouble help each other

I’ve gone on a kind of trip, and I’m lost.  Then I find someone who looks a lot like Joni Ross and we perhaps help each other. I’m on the trail on Rattlesnake Gutter, which is covered with snow. I think our house is on Rattlesnake Gutter Road.

Anyway this woman who has helped me is going to go home and she gets in her van, but she’s soon stuck in the snow. So I invite her back in and I start working on something magical to help her out. She’s a witch, and much more comfortable with spellwork than I am. So we’re gathering stuff, experimenting, finding candles large and small.  She finds some pillar candles. I don’t really know what to do with all this stuff.

She is extremely ingenious. Just on the fly she makes this sort of amazing, sort of creepy doll out of some spare parts. By pulling a string or something you can make it eat things. It meshes together well with the other equipment she makes. In the end I decided to give her my Raphael candle, because she is in need of healing. Or at least her car is hurt. I send her off, but we are friends now.

There’s something about the water, I’m sure of it, but I’ve forgotten that part.  6:35am