NORD Agreement

We believe in our mission:

To advance the quantitative science of the collective unconscious and the unseen by collecting and analyzing first person narrative accounts of non-ordinary reality experiences, such as dreams or meditations, then making them accessible through open data APIs and friendly citizen science tools.

We understand that community is the heart of NORD.  Our objective is to provide a safe online space for sharing deeply personal experiences and engage in meaningful and supportive dialog with other community members. We commit to serving the community with integrity through openness, transparency, supporting individual data rights, and collaboration.

In this spirit, we now ask you to read our this page about NORD and your usage of it.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Terms of Service

NORD is a project run by Daniel Rekshan and Seyta Selter.  We are currently running beta tests of the platform with pilot groups.  NORD has three interrelated components: 1) Online Journals, 2) Social Groups, and 3) Search Index.

You will interact will all three components through a membership-based social network.  You need to be at least 18 years old to participate, by clicking the “I agree…” button below, you acknowledge that you are at least 18.  You can join discussion groups and share your experiences with them.  The platform is based on WordPress and uses cookies to manage your session.  Your group participation data is stored in a central NORD database and your journal entries are stored in an individual database just for you.  All journal entries are added to a central search index, but the contents of private entries will not leave the server unless you allow users to view them.

You can keep an online journal, which is a specialized blog for your experiences.  You will have complete control over your entries, with the ability to mark them as private, export them, and completely remove them if you wish.

Journal entries save in NORD are automatically analyzed and added to the search index so that you can search your journal or see NORD reports about it.  While the analysis of private dreams anonymously contributes to NORD reports about the whole database, the contents of your private dreams are only visible to you and those you choose to share it with.  The dreams are transferred via the secure https protocol and are stored on secured servers in plain text, which means that NORD creators can technically can read the contents, but are honor-bound to respect your privacy and agree to not read this content.

The NORD search index has thousands of entries from the public web.  The current database is simply a test sample from 2016/17 collected by web crawlers designed to be respectful to the source sites.  All these entries were publicly available on sites that allow web crawlers, meaning that most had already been indexed by Google.  We also targeted sources who believe in the value of narrative text for study.  Our vision is to build a real-time search index and we are working on tools to offer our sources in reciprocity, likely something like Google Site Search or Google Trends for the sites.

You are participating in a beta test of NORD.  You are one of the first people to use many of NORD’s features, especially the social groups and online journals.  There may be bugs or features that don’t make sense to you.  Please feel free to contact us to ask a question or report a bug.  We will do our best to make sure NORD runs smoothly and your data is kept safe.  However, mistakes do happen and we’ll be grateful for your patience and support as we resolve the issue.  While it is unlikely, it is still possible that your private entries may become public, so we ask that you to post nothing that would bring you or another harm should it become public.

NORD is a Community

People sometimes say about websites, “if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.”  This means that many free websites will sell data about you or earn their money from advertisements.  We don’t want to be one of those sites.  NORD is inspired by co-creative and co-owned web applications that empower individuals and uphold individual data rights, like Wikipedia.  Our vision is to establish NORD as an Open Data Commons and to always offer free online journaling, participation in social groups, and analysis tools to empower everyone to become a scientist of their own dreams and inner experiences.

Running NORD takes time and money.  We have a big vision that will require a community to support.  As NORD progresses from the beta test phase to a stable website, we will ask for your support, at whatever level you feel inspired, through a service like Patreon.

We believe that NORD can help practitioners and researchers do their work better.  If you’re a practitioner who would like to explore running online groups or a researcher who could use our technology, get in touch with us now.

Our Values

  1. Every individual has rights over their own data, which include being able to remove it from a system, know how it is being used, and have a say about data processes.
  2. Every individual is the sole authority on their own experience. This means that you and only you know the truth of your experience, that no one else can tell you what it means.  When we reflect or comment on experiences of others, we always acknowledge and accept the authors authority.
  3. The principle of non-harm guides our actions.  This means that whenever we participate in discussion or post a new entry, we will consider if text will harm you or another person if others were to read it.
  4. The collection of individual narratives into a database like NORD co-creates a public resource.  This means that by sharing our experiences, we co-create a whole greater than its parts.  NORD believes this collection should be managed like a public resource for the benefit of its community.
  5. Analysis serves the heart. This means that any analysis of experience is only of benefit when it touches the heart and not only the mind.  Our analysis is only valuable if it helps you understand your experience better.  As a community, we only accept quantitative analysis if it supports our deeper engagement with experience.

The Agreement

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves and NORD, we’d like to make an agreement with you. By clicking the “I agree…” button below, you agree to uphold the NORD values.  You also acknowledge that:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You understand that you have control over your data and a right to know how its used
  • You understand that we collect usage data with cookies, store site data in databases, and add your entries to a search index
  • You understand that we are beta testing unused features that may have unexpected behavior and that NORD can at this time not completely guarantee data privacy and stability
  • You understand that NORD is a community effort and that you are open to learning how you can support NORD as it grows